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The Cairns Ride Walk Roll is managed by Muscular Dystrophy Queensland, a registered charity.  100% of profits from the event will go directly local Qld families that need support and services.




The Cairns Ride Walk Roll initially began in Brisbane under the previous name: Ride for Muscular Dystrophy. Over time, families in Cairns wanted to get involved... So we hosted both events. It wasn’t long before the community and friendliness of the Cairns locals warmed our hearts and we moved the entire event to Cairns.


Now in it’s 5th year in Cairns, the event has since grown substantially from the original 100km cycle and now includes a 55km cycle as well as a 5 & 10km fun run, walk or roll, it's 100% accessible and attracts well over 200 people each year. It's an incredible day and all in support of families living with muscular dystrophy and similar neuromuscular conditions.

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland


All funds raised at the Cairns Ride Walk Roll go to families living with muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular conditions that cause progressive muscle weakness and can lead to profound disability.


We're proud that the event supports so many local families and is run by MDQ, along with a huge range of valuable volunteers.

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland works to help those in need and change their lives for the better. We rely heavily on community support, and a large portion of this is from fundraising events and activities involving dedicated people like you.


Thanks for supporting our event and families living with muscular dystrophy.

What is muscular dystrophy?

Muscular dystrophy is a genetic condition that progressively takes away a person’s strength and ability to move. As the condition progresses they must rely on others for the simplest of daily tasks, like showering, eating or even scratching that itch. Loved ones often take on the caring responsibility meaning the whole family lives each day in the fight against the condition. 


It's very rare that brain function is impaired but all other muscles in the body can be affected from the limbs to internal muscles like the heart and diaphram. There is no singular treatment and no cure... yet. So we ride, walk and roll in hope and in support of these families who love, care and work tirelessly to combat this cruel condition.


With the support of generous people like you, funds raised through events like Cairns Ride Walk Roll will help kids, teens and adults with practical and everyday support and services that they might not be able to afford otherwise.